• Diesel Technician III

    Posted: 12/27/2022

    Position Overview

    Reports To: Shop - Manager
    Dotted Line Oversight By: NONE

    Direct Reports:
    • NONE
    Dotted Line Oversight For:
    • NONE

    Position Description

    Owns advanced mechanic activities. Assists with diagnostics.



      • Clutch/suspension replacement and fix drivelines.
      • Repair multiple systems (cooling, oil, DPF).
      • Perform minor engine repair.
      • Perform DOT inspections.
    • DIAGNOSTICS (25%)
      • Assist Lead Tech with system and vehicle diagnostics.
      • Support other Technicians as needed with diagnostics.
      • Maintain job records of parts inventory and serviced vehicles.
    • SHOP CLEANING (5%)
      • Pickup and organize tools & equipment.
      • Sweep/clean floors after job completion.
      • Dispose of waste/used products (oil, antifreeze, steel, etc.).


    • Consistent practice of advanced mechanic tasks.
    • Increased skills through training of other mechanics.

    Required Competencies

    • Demonstrated ability in mechanic activities (basic & advanced)
    • Clean driving record & CDL.
    • Personal tool inventory
    • Effective written and oral communication skills
    • Ability to use a tablet device
    • Ability to read and interpret shop repair order forms, repair manuals and electrical schematics
    • Ability to lift 75lbs and walk 10,000 steps per day on a regular basis.

    Preferred Competencies

    • Demonstrated competencies with welding/fabrication
    • Demonstrated experience with system and/or vehicle diagnostics