• 1111 Dallas St., Sauk City

    Offer Valid: 07/21/2020 - 12/31/2022

    1 office spaces available for rent. $650 per month - 1/2 month security 
    deposit required
    1 office space available for rent.
    $800 per month - 1/2 month security deposit required
    6 month and 1 year leases 
    Paint and flooring can be changed.
    30 day written notice if lease will not continue past contract end date*
    Rent includes; all building operating expenses (utilities, maintenance, and other building services), Common area, break room, men’s and women’s bathrooms with showers, use of washer & dryer (tenant needs to provide their own detergent). Two entrances as well as front and back parking lots and street parking.
    Perks Included-
    -FREE gym membership at SP Fitness
    -Paid Utilities
    Current renters include; Massage Therapy,  Real Estate Coach, Fitness Center, Infrared Studio, Shake Shop, and Tattoo artist.  Looking for other health and wellness specialists (acupuncture, therapist, Life Coaches)  as well as other professions like photographer, graphic designer, ie.
    **Ideal location in the Industrial Park of Sauk City (1 block behind Culvers same building as Cloud Nine Spa, SP Fitness and SP Nutrition on Dallas Street) ** 

    Contact Rebecca Litscher for more details.