• News Release: 7/30/2019

    PRAIRIE DU SAC, WI —  Wollersheim Winery & Distillery has released its first canned wine in the establishment’s storied history and is one of the first Wisconsin wineries to do so.
    The new wine is a blend of Gewürztraminer and Riesling and is lightly sweet and slightly carbonated with refreshing notes of pear and citrus. The wine was crafted by Wollersheim’s winemakers specifically for this canning and is produced and canned on site.
    Wollersheim has offered plastic 187mL minis that can easily be brought along on a daylong adventure on the boat or at the beach for some time, and the new 375mL wine cans build upon that idea. Since glass isn’t allowed in many parks and on most Wisconsin lakes, these options are perfect for those seeking to bring Wisconsin wine along for their summer excursions.
    “We wanted to make a high quality wine that was as portable as it was refreshing,” said Céline Coquard Lenerz, Wollersheim’s next generation winemaker. “We wanted to make something in a convenient serving that people in the area could take with them during their long summer days on the lake, on a hike, or whatever Wisconsin adventure they may be on.”
    Céline’s father and the head winemaker and owner of Wollersheim, Philippe Coquard, created Prairie Fumé, the winery’s most well-known offering 30 years ago. Prairie Fumé was well-received by Wisconsin wine drinkers and the business grew quickly from there. Céline sees the new canned wine as her generation’s contribution to the continuing innovation of Wollersheim.
    In addition to convenience and the prospect for growth, canned beverages also offer some added benefits when it comes to the environment. The light weight container reduces the carbon footprint during transport and aluminum cans are one of the most recycled goods in circulation.
    This was one of the main attractors to Wollersheim’s production coordinator, Anthony Meyer, who grew up just down the road from the winery estate.
    “The biggest thing for me was that it was so eco friendly,” Meyer said. “That is something we are always taking into consideration and is a core value of the work we do here.”
    If all goes well, more cans and more offerings could also be coming down the road according to Meyer.
    “If it goes as well as we hope, you could certainly see a Wollersheim Rosé in a can or possibly even a red wine,” Meyer said.
    The cans also feature one of Wollersheim’s new label designs, which were just released this year.
    The new cans can be found at the Wollersheim Winery store in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin and will be available around Wisconsin in the coming days and weeks.
    For more information visit Wollersheim Winery on Facebook and Instagram or at Wollersheim.com.