Bike Across Lake Wisconsin - 25.66 Miles

    The best way to get across Lake Wisconsin is to bike across! Go from Sauk City to the ferry and loop back through Prairie du Sac. Watch out for golf balls and lakefront property for sale on the route. Highway 188 out to the ferry turns into what the locals lovingly refer to as Roller Coaster Road with tons of ups and downs. Feel free to take a relaxing break on either side of the ferry for an ice cream cone. Great for a leisurely Sunday ride!



    The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY - 32.99 Miles

    This ride starts with about 8 miles of general spinning (the good). This is quickly followed by an assortment of moderate hills and downhills (the Bad). Finally, Hilltop Road treats you to the ugly - a huge climb under the tree canopy followed by a decent climb on Swiss Valley Road. You are rewarded with a slow downhill back into town and a quick run through downtown Sauk Prairie. The ride down Denzer Road is absolutely picturesque.



    Sauk Prairie Outskirts - 14.75 Miles

    Not too much for climbs, ample spinning. Encircle all of Sauk Prairie! Sites include Wollersheim Winery, Culvers Headquarters and the old railway bridge. Enter town on one bridge and exit on the other.

    Settlers on Dunlop Hollow Hill - 16.26 Miles

    This 16.28 mile route is a great mix of hills and spinning (about 1/3 hills, 2/3 spin). Choosing to battle the hills first will reward you with a rush of high speed downhill and flat spinning cool down. Dunlop Hollow Hill is a brutal 250 ft rise over about 1.5 miles. This quick but brutal climb will get you warmed up. Highway 19's shoulder is not that great, but its a quick 3 miles. Scenery includes rolling Wisconsin farmland and hilltop estates. Those who want to add more miles have plenty of options - add Katzenbuechel, E Mathewson, Racek and County Roads F/KP/Y to add on.


    Roxbury Shorty! - 5.64 Miles

    The Roxbury Shorty! A quick ride through the sleepy village of Roxbury. A little gradual elevation. Complete the ride on an early weekend and top it off with breakfast at the Roxbury Tavern!

    Broken Chain Run - 9.11 Miles

    Looking for a quick ride that is a great workout? Look no further. This 9-mile run will have you exploring your entire gearset with a large hill on Hornung Road followed by 3 decent hills on the way home on Mack Road. I broke my chain on the 3rd and almost had to walk home - hence the name. Plus, it's interspersed with smaller hills to remind you this is no easy spin. Scenic rolling farmland with a quick view of one of the vineyards where Wollersheim picks for their estate wines!

    The Hidden Hill - 30.26 Miles

    I'd say this route is about 92% spinning. Right in the middle (perfectly at mile 15) there is a monster of a hidden hill. So just when you got acclimated to sitting in the saddle and keeping a cadence, this may just tear you right off your seat! Beautiful ride through grassland prairies and small unincorporated towns like Black Hawk. If you time it just right, you could veer off to see the famous Wittwen 4th of July parade - a parade so out-of-proportion with the town it was located in, Dan Rather and Charles Kuralt reported from it! Along the course, map a stop at Pape's Valley Inn for a beer and a bite or Leystra's for a piece of pie at the finish!

    Golf Loop - 11.35 Miles

    A simple 11 mile loop with some hills thrown in to mix it up. Mostly rolling countryside roads. The shoulder is a little tight in some spots, so be aware. An easier loop for a quick morning ride - treat yourself with pancakes at Eagle Inn or Blue Spoon after a morning ride afterwards! 


    The Barrens and the Bottoms - 14.21 Miles

    Take the scenic route along the Wisconsin River! This quick 14 mile route takes you along County Road Y through the Mazomanie Oak Barrens and Mazomanie Bottoms. The road needs some TLC, but has lower and slower traffic. This quick loop could spawn a day of adventure. Host a picnic at the Mazomanie Oak Barrens access about 1.4 miles down, sign up for a canoe rental on the river at Blackhawk River Runs (again, on Y) or go for a birding hike at the Battle of Wisconsin Heights marker on Highway 78. End your day with a renown Brandy Old Fashioned (a true Wisconsin delight) at Green Acres or a riverside stay for the night at Wisconsin River Retreat!

    TOUR DE TOWN | 10.6 Miles

    Get in a quick 10 mile tour of Sauk Prairie! First, start at the Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center. Built in 2012, the center houses a 1,200 gallon fish tank and tons of great info on the Riverway area. Then take Phillips out towards August Derleth's house. The author, colleague of H.P. Lovecraft, called Sauk Prairie his home. Loop down River Road past the old blown out Wisconsin River railway bridge. Madison Street will take you back through Sauk City, where you'll loop around Marion Park, renown for hosting the infamous Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw every Labor day weekend. Oak Street turns to Sauk Prairie road to take you just outside of town to fly by the new Sauk Prairie Healthcare system. Built in 2014, this Hospital is renown in the region for its birthing center and orthopedic surgery and much more. Prairie Street will wind back into downtown Prairie du Sac, passing the Mueller's Sports Medicine headquarters along with Sauk Prairie's newest school, Bridges Elementary. Finally, cool down by spinning through both Prairie and Sauk down Water Street, Sauk Prairie's eclectic downtown. Plenty of places to stop for a bite to eat or drink along the way, including Leystra's, the very first Culver's, Wood BBQ, Prairie House, Eagle Inn, The Blue Spoon, Windmill Pizzeria, Woodshed Ale House and more!


    From Sauk Prairie to the Capital! (Note, this is not a loop). This 29-mile loop has a good mix of hills (gradual and sharp) and flat spinning runs. The trail on either side of Springfield hill is in great condition - fun to bike. The back roads (especially CR V/Brereton/Lodi-Springfield) provide a good mix of hills to balance the nice and easy ride on the trail. Once you get down to Madison, take a victory lap around the Capital and grab some cheese curds at the old fashioned or a micro-brew at Vintage on University!

    WITTWEN PARADE | 21.41 Miles

    Named after the infamous Fourth of July Parade in Wittwen, WI, this quick 21 mile jaunt packs in a lot of good spin time! Not too much for hills, but good flat straightaways to work on your speed. Time this bike ride just right and you can picnic at the Wittwen concerts in the summer - an underground local favorite!

    Up N' Down | 11.67 Miles

    Gradual hills - lots of them. This countryside ride looks like a quick 11-mile ride at first glance, but the sheer amount of silent, gradual hills surprised me. Good bang for your buck on a quick workout - you're shedding sweat on a hot day on this route! Start off by going straight up Hwy 60 to overlook Prairie du Sac. Barta Road sneaks up on you on a quick downhill and takes you quickly by Fish Lake - be sure to look to see if you can see any hot fishing spots! Two-thirds of the way done and you face Mack Road, which is a straight shot filled with small hills. End on a downhill speeding past Wollersheim Winery!