• Water Street Replacement Project:

    The proposed project is a pavement replacement on WIS 60 in Sauk County between US 12 and Eagle View Court in the Villages of Sauk City and Prairie du Sac. The purpose of this project is to replace the deteriorating asphalt surface on WIS 60 and WIS 78. The existing pavement on WIS 60 is experiencing thermal and fatigue cracking and has a poor ride quality. In addition, there are a few stretches of long spacing between storm sewer inlets, as well as curb ramps in the project area that are not up to current ADA standards. The existing pavement will be removed and replaced with HMA pavement.

    Additional improvements include:

    • Replacement of curb and gutter
    • Upgrading curb ramps to meet ADA standards
    • Signalization/reconfiguration of the WIS 60/78 and County PF intersection
    • Replacement of water utility lines and some sections of the sanitary sewer
    • Replacement of sidewalk in the Village of Prairie du Sac


    WisDOT held its first Public Involvement Meeting (PIM) on Monday, November 6, 2023.  

    WisDOT plans to hold a second PIM next summer (2024, when the plan will be 60% completed). 


    The plan for the Water Street Redevelopment Project is to tackle the Sauk City portion of the project in 2027 and the Prairie du Sac portion in 2028.  WisDOT intends to utilize the same contractor for both segments.  The project plan is currently 30% complete.  The intended detour is 188 and there will be a permanent traffic signal at 188/12 in 2026.


    WisDOT will consider holding an additional meeting with the businesses along the project in the future.  In the meantime, WisDOT suggested businesses review the “In This Together” program which can be found on the project website which can be accessed by clicking here.