1. Contact the Chamber - As a Chamber member, you can advertise employment listings via our job search page at www.saukprairie.com

    2. Connect with local college or training school - instructors of various business-related programs can be invaluable shortcuts to employee recruitment.  Get to know who's who and call the instructor of the relevant course or program, introducing yourself, explaining what you need, and asking for recommendations. 

    3. Get involved with local college or university's cooperative training program - Cooperative programs are always looking for employers to provide suitable job placements.  You get an employee with current skills and while it's a temporary staffing solution, you may be able to hire the person as a full-time employee when he or she has completed the program. 

    4. Hire through a government program - there are a variety of grants and contributions related to government-sponsored employment programs targeted to help unemployed individuals.

    5. Hire a student - if you can get by without having a permanent employee fill the job, the local school district has a program through its business, tech-ed or agricultural programs, that match students with local employers.

    6. Utilize the web - there are many job board sites on the internet that you can use for employee recruitment.  Two of the biggest are Monster.com and Workopolis.com.

    7. Put the word on the street - Try using word-of-mouth and/or referrals to find employees.  Tell all your contacts (both business and personal) about the position you're seeking to fill and what kind of employee you're looking for. 


    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has reported for several years running that discriminatory hiring cases have been among the most common complaints filed.    


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