• C2 Juicery - Get to know Amanda!

    C2 Juicery - Get to know Amanda!

    The Beginning~ 

    It all started in my late 20’s. I was overweight, feeling tired, moody and unmotivated. I decided it was time to take control of my life. I started running and eating healthier. Once I got to my goal weight, nutrition was my new obsession and has been ever since. I read all the books on dos and don’t of the nutrition world compiling a nice library. Even falling into the documentaries.

    Though I looked better I didn’t feel 100%. I couldn’t understand if I was doing everything right why don’t I feel right? This is when I got into juicing. Not only did my skin and hair look better I felt better too. I bought a small at home cold press juicer. Life was good. How easy was it to drink a couple of pounds of fruit and vegetables instead of eating it?! My everyday juice became my passion. I became a Certified Health Coach in 2016. I wanted to spread the word on juicing as much as I could, Then starting the brainstorming for C2 Juicery!

    The Present~

    Everything happens for a reason! With starting with a commercial kitchen in my home and offering delivery-only my customers had convenience in buying my cold pressed juice. Through customers tasting, talking, and having results whether it was more energy, weight loss, helping the immune system, and/or getting off a medication many regular customers noticed results and enjoyed the different juices at the same time, this built our reputation! Juicing isn’t a quick fix but it’s a key component for those seeking to improve their health and/or achieve optimal health. Cold pressed juicing companies and their products are not all the same (there are many variables) but C2 Juicery works tirelessly to create our cold pressed juice flavors to the best of our ability and we hope our local customers continue to taste this!

    Amanda Haselwander
    C2 Juicery, LLC
    (608) 393-5211

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