• From Prairie to Pastures

    The Sauk Prairie area is a prosperous small town with a suburban feel, yet a few minutes out of downtown will land you in the heart of our agricultural community - it’s the best of both worlds. Sauk Prairie has strong agricultural roots that have helped the community flourish into what it is today.
    The great Sauk Prairie was turned from prairie to pastures and farm fields starting in the 1840s. The extremely fertile ground became home for the original settlers to farm and raise their families. This not only brought people to Sauk Prairie to farm but also brought agricultural-focused businesses like flour mills, creameries and more - leading to a growing population and strong economy.
    Fast forward to today and agriculture is still keeping Sauk Prairie strong. Here’s what you need to know about our farming community:

    • Many Sauk Prairie farms are century-plus farms - meaning the land has been in the same farming families for over 100 years. They have been dedicated to cultivating our land and growing our community. And - they’re likely going to continue for generations to come.
    • Since our area is great for farming - it’s also great for agri-businesses. Sauk Prairie is home to businesses that serve both our farming community and consumers. These businesses strengthen our local economy by providing jobs - whether it’s in manufacturing, sales and marketing, agronomy or finance. They continue to build our community by providing charitable contributions and resources to continuously improve Sauk Prairie.
    • Our farmers provide food to Sauk Prairie residents and beyond through direct-to-consumer meat and farm stands. You can support our local farmers by purchasing produce at the Meyer Oak Grove Market or from their farm stands (drive down some of the roads west of town - you’re sure to find one), or by purchasing locally raised meat. You’ll be able to keep your food miles short and support local businesses that care for the land and community.
    Thanks to our agricultural roots, Sauk Prairie can provide the best of both worlds - small-town living and a farming community. Our community will continue to stay strong and flourish thanks to our farmers, agri-businesses and those who support them - our consumers.

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