• Let's Get Creative | It's National Craft Month!

    Let's Get Creative | It's National Craft Month!

    Welcome to National Craft Month!
    Looking to shop? Click HERE for a list of creative shops in Sauk Prairie or continue reading to learn more about the unique benefits of crafting.

    It’s that time of year! Winter is coming to an end and you start getting that “new beginning” feeling. You gradually begin to notice some positive changes. The wind is no longer hurting your face, there’s more sunlight, and sprouts are peeking out of the ground. You finally catch up with that neighbor you haven’t seen in three months and hear the sound of children playing on their swing sets. Spring is emerging and we get to watch the world regenerate around us. Talk about a perfect time to celebrate the creation of something new.

    It’s National Craft Month! March was given this title by the Craft and Hobby Association in 1994. The purpose was to help people of all ages learn or rediscover the benefits of crafting. Studies have shown that using our creativity and making things by hand is beneficial for our state of mind and body in many different ways. 


    So what are the benefits of crafting?


    Having a creative outlet allows you to express yourself in a way that is safe and fun. It lets you experiment, get messy, create a story, play, externalize feelings, reflect, use metaphors to represent feelings, and have something to share with others. You are able to “let out” your thoughts and feelings (good or bad) in a healthy way.


    It can help reduce stress and anxiety. Crafting allows us to enter a state of relaxation and well-being. If you have worked on a creative project in the past, you may already know that it’s easy to become absorbed in the process. This state of “living in the moment” allows us to direct our focus towards an activity that is safe and fun (and less on our worries). Some scientists have even classified this state of mind as a form of meditation!


    It can elevate self-esteem. When you are crafting, you are using your ideas and creativity to reach a final goal. Once you complete a project, you feel a sense of achievement. This encourages feelings of satisfaction and pride.  


    It can improve mental agility. Life is full of unfamiliar situations and let’s face it… it’s not always a settling feeling. When you learn a new craft or attend a class that you have never tried before, you are required to think, absorb, and follow direction. This “discipline” helps us stimulate the creation of new brain connections. With consistency, you may find yourself less fearful of the unknown.


    It can enhance motor skills. When you are performing manual work, your brain has to coordinate with your physical actions. Crafting is a wonderful way to train, maintain, or better these motor skills as you experiment with new things (new tools, methods, materials, etc.).


    It promotes recycling. If you ever see me pulling a broken table out of your trash pile, please disregard! Once you allow yourself to explore your creativity, ideas and opportunity surround you. That old pallet might make a perfect photo display, the shards of that mirror you just broke could be stunning in your next resin piece, or maybe that old pipe would make a unique bracelet holder or coat rack. Not only are you bringing life back into something, but you’re seeing the world and things around you in a refreshing way. Note: Please make sure you are safe and knowledgeable on whatever materials or crafts you are working with.


    It’s a wonderful activity to share with others. Working on a creative project with other people can be an absolute blast. It promotes brainstorming, unity, pride, and maybe even a little laughter! Some of my best memories are from creative endeavors with my friends and family. 


    Handcrafted items hold a special power. Think about it! When you see words like “handmade” or “hand painted” on something you immediately feel more excitement and respect for it. You know that someone invested their energy, focus, and time to create it. The fact that it is completely unique makes it exceptional.

    We are so lucky to live in a community that supports handmade goods and creativity. If you’re interested in learning a new craft, needing some hobby supplies, or hoping to purchase a beautiful handcrafted item for yourself or others, the Sauk Prairie area has many options. Be sure to check out the local business below that provide everything you need to get this party started!

    Let's get crafty! Finish that project you started last fall. Sign up for that painting class. Support that local vendor. Because what's a world without inspiration and creative endeavors? Grab the scissors and I'll bring the glitter. Cheers to National Craft Month!


    The local businesses below either sell craft supplies, host crafting events, or sell handcrafted goods. Click on a business name to learn more about them. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at visitus@saukprairie.com! 


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