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    Time For You Healing Center | Sauna

    An Infrared Sauna differs from a Traditional Sauna in that instead of working to heat the air inside the sauna, an infrared sauna emits light that is then absorbed at the surface of your skin. This allows for a much milder temperature in the sauna, so you won’t experience the difficulty in breathing people often do in a traditional sauna.

    Our Infrared Sauna provides Full Spectrum Infrared, which means it offers the entire infrared spectrum: Near Infrared, Mid Infrared and Far Infrared. Oftentimes after a session, you’ll feel energetically rejuvenated. This is likely due to the Far Infrared rays, as they are a similar wavelength to those emitted naturally by the human body. They also help improve blood circulation and muscle recovery from fatigue. The Near & Mid Infrared rays enhance the benefits of Far Infrared, but it is the Far Infrared that is most effective at helping you sweat to remove toxins, improve your circulation, and relax your muscles.
    Infrared sauna sessions are great for sore muscle relief. Our muscles relax best when our body’s tissues are warm. The deep heat of the Infrared Sauna helps our peripheral blood vessels dilate, which increases our body’s circulation. This is what brings quicker relief and healing to our muscles and soft tissue injuries/soreness.

    Sessions in an infrared sauna help to detox your body & strengthen your immune system as your body temperature rises, creating a “fever” that triggers your immune system. This increases your white blood cell production, which, along with sweating: releases impurities, improves your blood circulation, regenerates cells, and promotes relaxation.

    The first session in our Infrared Sauna is 30 minutes. Our Chromotherapy lights will cycle through the entire spectrum of light, each color providing a different benefit to your body, while relaxing music plays.

    It is so important to take Time For You!

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