• Business After 5's

    Business After Five events offer members the opportunity to bring others into their business and showcase what goods or services they offer.  This popular and free monthly event is open to members and guests.  This is a great place to make new contacts, socialize and network in a fun & relaxing atmosphere. Use this opportunity to host a thank you event to your customers and invite them to your Business After Five.  The more personalization you can do with your invitation list, the better attendance you will see.

    tips for a successful business after 5

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  • Brand Your Business

    A networking event, Business After Five is hosted at a different location each month and draws a crowd of 25-75 people. Chamber members meet and greet in a relaxed, social setting and learn more about each other.

  • Get Them In Your Door

    There is no better way to raise awareness of what you do with other business owners and community members than to get them in your door. During the Business After Five, there will be about five minutes to share the history of your business, your product line and introduce employees. Tours of your work space offer attendees a more in-depth look at your operation.  Have staff on hand to answer questions and to give the tours.  

  • Relax & Network

    Discuss and share ideas while learning about other local businesses in a relaxed setting. Stay for 20 minutes or enjoy the full 120. Give people the chance to get to know you so they will want to do business with you.