• Compliance 101


    It has been well-documented that some of the greatest risks that organizations face are HR-related.   Small business often have little time to devote to understanding laws and taking steps to be compliant.  The links below highlight some of the most critical legal requirements faced by small employers


    1. Which Laws Apply to Your Organization?  (Laws listed by size of employer)
    2. Reasons to have an employee handbook
    3. HR audit checklist
    4. Small employer handbook outline template
    5. Employer record retention requirements overview
    6. Links to required Federal and Wisconsin workplace postings



    All information in this section is provided by Richards HR Solutions, a division of Richards Benefits & Financial Services and a provider of HR consulting and support services to organizations across southern Wisconsin for nearly 20 years. 

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    Content provided is intended to provide readers with a general understanding of HR legal issues that are commonly encountered. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that information provided is up-to-date and reflective of general best practices.  We are not a law firm, however, and the information we provide is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.  You should seek the counsel of a licensed attorney if you need legal advice or if your specific problem is too complex to be addressed by the information provided in this section.