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    About Us

    We are Diny's Jewelers, a full-service family owned and operated jewelry store in downtown Middleton, established in 1983. We strive in earning our customer's trust with providing knowledge and creating personal jewelry experiences. We offer a wide selection of hand selected pieces of the finest quality. Diny's Jewelers specializes in Jewelers, Gemstones, Custom Design, and In-house Appraisals.

    Diny's Jewelers Is dedicated to continuous knowledge and delicate care to ensure satisfaction with your jewelry experience. We have been turning clients into friends since 1983 because we care a little more. It's a tradition that we are extremely proud of and one that we hope continues for generations.



    Outdoor building view with red bow on the wall
    View of Jewelry counters
    Two engagement rings
    Vintage photo collage of owners and inside store
    Collage of old newspaper entries
    Pair of diamond earrings
    3 engagement rings stacked together
    Exclusive Designer, Kabana, in Lapis Lazule
    Exclusive Designer, Kabana, in Turquoise
    Diny's Custom Opal Ring
    Diny's Custom Rose Gold Solitaire
    Diny's Custom
    Diny's Custom Wolersheim Winery Pin