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    About Us

    Paul has been making his chocolates since 1986 when he combined creativity with his love for cooking and began making unique chocolates. After years of sharing his own one of a kind designs with friends, family and co-workers, he launched Paul's Chocolates in 2008 and began selling to the public.

    Today Paul's Chocolates delivers handcrafted, high quality chocolates. No sugar or preservatives are added to any of our chocolates. Paul continues to expand on his distinctive offering of chocolates with new and seasonal flavors.


    Chocolates surrounding mug
    chocolates on a plate with outside view
    square chocolates on a plate
    chocolates surrounded by raspberries
    chocolates surrounded by blueberries
    chocolates surrounded by orange slices
    chocolates next to coffee cup
    white chocolate next to lime slices
    chocolate in front of red curry paste seasoning, lime, and coconut
    chocolates in front of lemon slice
    chocolate ball cut in half
    chocolate surrounded by a coconut and coconut flakes
    chocolate next to cherries
    chocolate being held by angel figurine
    chocolate surrounded by gold stars
    chocolate surrounded by cinnamon and red candies for Valentine's day
    chocolate surrounded by green St. Patrick Day accessories
    Chocolate next to mini pumpkin

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    Paul Beloungy
    • Phone: 1-608-643-4653