• Tower Rock Elementary School



    About Us

    Tower Rock Elementary School welcomes approximately 220 students to its facility to participate in a strong academic program with meaningful connections to art, agriculture, and Spanish language. Students from 4K through 5th grade form a learning community in a school that is well-equipped with modern technology, an agricultural science classroom, flexible breakout spaces for individual and small group study, and a campus that highlights the beauty of the landscape of our region. This unique environment and smaller size allow for a family atmosphere and the use of hands-on learning experiences to enrich the student experience.

    Just outside of the main office of the school, students and guests can view pictures of the fifteen one-room schoolhouses that at one time served the western communities of the Sauk Prairie School District. In the mid-1950s, these one-room schools merged to form Black Hawk and Tower Rock schools. In 2015, Black Hawk and Tower Rock schools joined together in an expanded, modernized school at Tower Rock. This move brought all students, grades 4K through 5th grade, into one school community. Historically, these schools have served a rural farming community. Agriculture continues to be part of the present and future of Tower Rock. As the school community welcomes new members, Tower Rock is including Spanish language instruction in every student's experience. The arts continue to be a focus at Tower Rock Elementary.

    We welcome you to visit our beautiful school and the strong programs and diverse learning experiences that make Tower Rock a great school.


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