• The Riverway Voyage

    • Voyagers (anyone who wants to play) can begin their quest at any participating location.
    • Each business will be assigned one of the five islands on the treasure map (several businesses will share an island).
    • When the voyager buys something at your location (no minimum amount), they will receive a flier and a map. The business will stamp their island on the voyager’s map to “complete” the island at the time of purchase (all stamps will be slightly different).
    • Voyagers will keep their map on them and receive a stamp each time they purchase something on a new island. 
    • Once all five islands are stamped, the voyager is eligible to be entered into a drawing. They will fill out their name and number on the map and drop it off at the Chamber. 


    • Bonus Bay (optional) - To receive a stamp on Bonus Bay, the voyager must do one of two things: A) They spend $100 at ANY participating business or B) They dress up like a pirate, take a picture in or in front of ANY participating business, and tag the Chamber on social media. If they complete either of these two tasks, the business will stamp Bonus Bay on their map.
    • If a map has all five islands PLUS Bonus Bay stamped, they receive an additional three entries (equaling four entries for the drawing altogether).  

    • There will be a drawing at the end of each month (June, July, & August) for $100 in Chamber Bucks
    • There will be a final drawing called the “Lucky Loot” at the end of the summer that will include ALL completed maps from previous months. 
    • The final drawing will include donations from each of the participating businesses. 

    • There is no deadline to fill their map aside from the final drawing at the end of the summer (AUGUST 30TH). 
    • Voyagers can play as many times as they want. There is no limit on how many times they fill a map. 
    • A Riverway Voyage page will be on the Chamber website with detailed information on how to play and participating business addresses

    Cow Chip Kingdom

    • 3 Generations ( 421 Water Street, Prairie du Sac)
    • Culver's (716 Phillips Blvd., Sauk City
    • Cedarberry Inn (855 Phillips Blvd., Sauk City)
    • LAF Boutique (735 Water Street, Sauk City)
    • Magical Moments Vacations (No storefront, but if booked thru you will receive a stamp)


    Eagle Island

    • Flaxen Fleece (800 Water Street, Sauk City)
    • SP Fitness & Nutrition Bar (532 Water Street, Sauk City)
    • Disorderly Conduct (806 Water Street, Sauk City)
    • Cameo Antique Mall (827 Water Street, Sauk City)
    • ReTwist-T (515 Water Street, Sauk City)


    Prairie Peninsula 

    • River Arts Inc. (590 Water Street, Prairie du Sac)
    • Stemmed from Grace (725 Water Street, Sauk City)
    • John Joseph Coffee (112 Van Buren Street, Sauk City)
    • Bonham Theatre & Video (564 Water Street, Prairie du Sac)
    • Time For You Healing Center (719 Industry Road, Sauk City)


    The Sauk Sands

    • Cedar Grove Cheese (E5904 Mill Road, Plain)
    • Riviera Bowl & Pizzeria (51 Polk Street, Sauk City)
    • Unfolded (422 Water Street, Prairie du Sac)
    • St. Vincent de Paul (815 19th Street, Prairie du Sac)


    Ferry Bluff

    • McFarlanes' Retail and Service Center (780 Carolina Street, Sauk City)
    • Que's Bar & River Deck (612 Water Street, Prairie du Sac)
    • Bluffview Canoe Rental (E10032 Huerth Road, Sauk City)
    • C2 Juicery & Eats (545 Water Street, Prairie du Sac)