• Connecting young talent to enhance their skills, business, quality of life and sense of community.


    The Young Connections network aims to recruit, engage, develop and retain young talent in the Sauk Prairie Riverway area.   The primary goal is to captivate the young professional audience and initiate their involvement in the business community. We do this through professional development events, leadership development activities and social networking opportunities that seek to engage our "creative class" of individuals age 21-40.


    Young Connections host monthly main events along with other added events throughout the year. These events allow Sauk Prairie area young connections to network with one another and provide attendees with professional and personal development tools.


    We hope you will join Young Connections or recommend this group to a friend.  For more information on this program, please contact Zach Dahl at 608-513-9155 or email zach@dahlfs.com.

    Click here for the Young Connections Brochure with full listing of events for 2017!



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