• 9 Critical Strategies to Attract and Retain New Workers

    9 Critical Strategies to Attract and Retain New Workers

    9 critical strategies to attract and retain new workers
    If you are having trouble finding workers, you are not alone. It is predicted that the labor shortage and skills deficit will only get worse. What can companies do to attract more workers and retain them? Below are nine strategies that John Manzella, Contributing Writer for The Business Journals shared recently.

    1. Invest more in employee education, training, and engagement programs. Not sure who to call, inquire with member businesses to have a local success coach and business facilitator train your staff.
    2. Implement or create more attractive referral programs.
    3. Implement more apprentice programs.
    4. Harness the potential of older employees. People are living longer, healthier lives. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that the 55 and older share of workers will rise from 12.7% of the workforce in 1999 to 25.2% by 2029.
    5. Offer more generous daycare options. Want to know more? Let’s chat.
    6. Offer incentives with tangible short-term benefits.
    7. Raising pay is an obvious strategy to attract new workers.
    8. Automate where possible. It is predicted that nearly half of existing jobs will be automated in one to two decades. Are you planning for the future?
    9. Improve the level of convenience and working environment.

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