• Want to Increase Employee Loyalty? Be a Good Manager!

    Want to Increase Employee Loyalty? Be a Good Manager!

    According to GBS Corporate Training, good management is critical for building employee loyalty. Remember the saying, “People leave managers, not companies”? According to research by Gallup, 70% of an employee’s motivation is influenced by their manager. More than half of workers describe themselves as “not engaged” and another 13% are “actively disengaged”. Basically, these employees show up, do some work, and go home. If a better offer presents itself, these employees will probably leave. The most influential factor in employee engagement and performance is the employee-supervisor relationship. The only thing that can stop a high employee turnover is encouraging more company loyalty in your employees. Give employees a reason to stay! To read the full article on employee loyalty, click here

    10 tips to help you nurture loyal employees

    1. Strong leadership inspires strong loyalty
    2. Connect with your staff
    3. Show you trust your employees
    4. Provide honest feedback and two-way communication
    5. Develop a millennial mindset
    6. Reward your employees appropriately
    7. Remove unnecessary uncertainty
    8. Be fair and neutral
    9. Be supportive and show you genuinely care
    10. Offer training and development

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